Craft Ale


Felinfoel Stout

ABV: 4.1%

Our Felinfoel Stout is brewed using our unique blend of WGV and Challenger hop varieties and REAL CHOCOLATE MALT which gives a rich full flavoured drinking beer with a nice rich chocolate and coffee aroma and rounded after taste on the palate.

HOPS: WGV & Challenger

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Gluten (Barley), Vegan Friendly

British Hops

We source all of our WGV and Challenger hops from right here in the UK.

100% Welsh Water

The natural spring at Felinfoel provides the water we need to brew our craft ales and craft lagers. Situated on the brewery site and 100% Welsh.

150 Years of Brewing Heritage

Our beer is crafted by the 6th generation of Felinfoel master brewers.

Now available to buy online directly from the brewery.